Mobile Review: Dead Trigger

March 2, 2013 11:04 am

For me mobile games were always a way to fill in my spare time. Whether I was bored in class, or waiting for the microwave, I would play them when I knew I could put it down in a few minutes. But when my friend showed me the free game Dead Trigger by Madfinger Games, I changed my entire perspective on the innovative ways of mobile gaming.


Dead Trigger is a first person zombie shooter, pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming, and leading it in a new direction. Usually I would ignore the presence of a first person shooter on my mobile device, but this one is truly something different.


When you begin playing you are presented with an amazingly well designed map.


(Just a small portion of it) From here you can play the story missions, visit the casino, save your game to the cloud, survive in the arena, or many other unique options.

The story in Dead Trigger is a very well made one, if  you decide to read it. I prefer to see, or hear the story unveil, but in this game  you are presented it with paragraphs to read through. This is mostly a personal preference, because if all you want to do is shoot zombies, then you can achieve that very easily by simply skipping the story. And if you want to be engulfed in a detailed tale of zombie survival, you can do that too.



Wait, this game is free? How do they make money? Well, like most free games, they give you the option of buying things, such as weapons and health, with a special currency called Gold. When I first figured this out I was amazingly disappointed  because that has got to be one of the most annoying things in mobile gaming. But, after playing a while, it really feels like they don’t require it too much. You see the option, but you don’t feel like it is being crammed down your throat all of the time like most free games. Not only that, but it isn’t too difficult to acquire Gold without paying. In ways such as, the casino, and daily rewards, you can earn a lot without having to break out the credit card.




One of my favorite things about Dead Trigger  are the controls, something I think a lot of mobile-first-person shooters fail at. In this game you are presented with a layout that takes very little time to get used to, and is extremely customizable.


Something I should certainly not ignore is the art. The graphics in this game are, for a mobile game, great. Every level feels like an entirely new environment, and the shading helps give off the unique feeling of Dead Trigger.


With so many different missions and two fun game types, you might thing you’d have to clear up your schedule, and make time to play. But Madfinger Games did an amazing job at making sure this mobile game, was a mobile game. When you play, it is very easy to simply back out and resume later, something a game of its genre usually is unable to do.

The two game types:


Story Missions and Objectives:

These are the main goals you have to complete that go along with the story line. Within these there are many different, sub-game modes. Sometimes you need to collect boxes, and other times you are required to survive for a certain amount of time. These are very enjoyable and to the point. And with only very simple goals, it somehow manages to make each mission feel like a new one.



Arena Mode:

I love survival games, so this is definitely one of my favorite features of Dead Trigger. You choose a map from the list of four different environments, and kill zombies until they defeat you. Upstanding five waves, I earned a ton of gold and got to kill a boss!


Well then, what do I do with all of this gold? You buy weapons! Or items. The interface for the menus is very clean and easy to understand. You can purchase from a range of weapons to mow down the hordes. Or you can get a turret to help you survive. Either way, it is a super rewarding feeling when you finally get that gun that you’ve been saving up for. And not only that, but you can upgrade your guns to give them more firepower and accuracy.





    Overall, Dead Trigger is an exhilarating game that is going to change the face of the App Store. With it’s great design, and exciting gameplay, this is one of my favorite games. 



Here are some screen shots for you!


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