We are a team of two who met in grade school. Great friends from the start Derek(MunkeeCrayon) and I(MunkeeBacon) decided to start modding minecraft games in 2011 under the name “Sock Munkee Modding”. We did texture packs, and the occasional random code modification. But with the persual of wanting to mod, comes the persual of wanting to program. So I soon started to learn how to program, and not too long afterwards we wanted to take our passion for video games one step farther. We decided to start making games, as a game development company named “Sock Munkee Gaming”. But, as you could have guessed, after a small discussion a few weeks later, we changed it to Sock Munkee Development. And now here we are, a fresh, hot, sexy, sweet, sour, bitter, beautiful, disgusting, amazing, new game development company. We have no plans on staying small and are full of ideas, and plans for the future.