Gibbing all over the place

November 30, 2013 10:51 am

Today I thought I’d talk about a specific detail in the game: Gibs.

If you don’t know what a gib is (pronounced “jib”) it’s basically just guts that fly everywhere after you kill something. In this case, it’s after you kill a zombie!

Here are some gibs that we made for Supreme Arena:





I made a really simple system where when a gib is spawned it is given a random vertical speed and a random horizontal speed, this effect, mixed with the blood effects, give the game a really cartoony/crazy look that fits well with the art style. And whenever a zombie is killed a random amount of gibs are spawned in their place.

For testing(strictly testing) purposes I also assigned gib spawning to the click of the mouse:

After implementing this we noticed that when around 20 gibs were on the screen at one time they started to take up too much memory, so after around 7-10 seconds the gibs fade away until they disappear completely.

In other news, we have completed the concept design for the shop, which is now being called the “Armory”, and my job for the day is to implement it into the game.

Here’s the concept design:

Well that’s all I have to say for today! I’m thinking about explaining the blood system tomorrow but I’m not sure.

More info tomorrow!

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