Map Editor!

January 14, 2014 7:26 pm

Hello again! It has been so long! We have been hard at work on Supreme Arena, and I have some gifs to help show our progress!


Here’s a picture!:



So for the entirety of Supreme Arena’s development, Keaton has been manually designing maps in-code, which worked at the time. But now that we are getting farther into development, we are starting to need a more efficient way of creating/editing maps. To solve this problem we had two options


We could use a pre-made map editor, and work on configuring it’s map-files to better suit our game. The editor we had in mind was Tiled.


We could make our own, and customize it as much as possible!


We decided to make our own, so that we could customize it to best fit our game, and help Keaton make maps as efficiently, and painlessly as possible.

It’s an in-game editor, so while playing, if you push ‘m’ you enter the editor-mode.


The first thing I added was the toolbar, which contains an icon for each window:

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.07.30 PM


As you can see, it’s really simple at the moment, the “t” represents the tiles window, and the “s” represents the spawners window, and we haven’t needed any other items to fit in the toolbar yet..


The Tiles window is used to access tiles and place them on the map, it includes a section for building-block tiles, and prop-tiles:




And the Spawners window is used to place zombie spawners around the map, we are planning on adding a properties window for the spawners to edit spawn-time, and what types of zombies can be spawned, but we haven’t added any new zombies yet, so we haven’t really needed to!

Here’s a GIF of that!:

As well as zombie spawners, you can change the player’s spawn, and place him around the map.


We’ve also been working more on apparel, grenades, melee weapons, zombie AI, and improving the shop’s interface. But for the most part, we have been working on the core mechanics of the editor.


Expect some more info. on apparel/grenades/zombie AI in the next post!:D






  • Aaron

    Wow this game looks great i hope i can get it when it comes out.

  • BluBillz

    I am always interested in seeing how people create their own level editor for their really makes an improvement to the development of the whole project considering you put your time in creating a level editor just for your game! Good job.

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