Santa’s Slaughter!

December 25, 2012 11:36 pm

Well. Merry Christmas! This small game that I began as a simple side-project quickly took over my christmas.

“Santa’s Slaughter” Is going to be the offical name.
I just finished the first of 5 or 6 bosses, and the game is getting VERY close to completion:D

Still the only thing peering through this giant curtain of perfect progression IIISSSSSS……ART. Something that always prevails to arrest my enthusiasm while sparking up ideas for new games in my head.

But luckily I am gifted with two great artists!:D Keaton Moody (@keatonRmoody) and Devon Peak (@_devonpeak). So hopefully soon this game will become the basic, fast-paced, arcade like game that I had in mind when I started.

Here’s a screenshot of the game as of today. Not much has changed visually, but! I’ve added a ton of new small features! Such as better particles, more items, and just cleaner code.

Can’t wait to create a trailer for this, Its something that I’m becoming very proud of.

Stay tuned for more updates!:D


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