Stuff Completed, Next Chapter

December 21, 2013 12:12 pm

We have finished up the layout and functionality of the shop menu, it has two layers.

The first being the main window, where you can browse through guns you have purchased, and guns for sale.

The second being the upgrade window, which slides over the main window, that displays upgrades that you can purchase for your weapon.

Here’s a screenshot of the upgrade window with the Tula AKM selected(with some other hoopblah in the background):
Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.55.45 PM

To help add some variety to our game we have come up with the idea of apparel: Items you can purchase for your character that can give him certain advantages. Some of these items give you passive abilities, such as increased stealth or damage. And some give you more of a power, such as the spy suit, which allows you to go invisible for a certain amount of time.

We haven’t gotten to implementing these quite yet, but they are high up on our list of priorities.

What’s Next:

We have gotten to the point in development where the game is getting very large, specifically when it comes to code. When you implement a feature now, it involves more modification of other files, rather then creating new ones. This can be really stressful at first, and is usually the point at which we stop developing a game. But if you can push through this weird, awkward turn-around in development, it tends to get a lot easier.


To help us get through this hump we have started turning more of our focus on design. We are starting to focus a lot more on the specifics of the game, and how they are going to work.

We are planning on adding:

  • Melee Weapons
  • A few more zombie types
  • Grenades
  • and more!:D

I am currently working on a wave system for the game, that makes the zombies become more and more difficult every new wave. So expect to see that in the next update :)


  • David Serrano

    This is a Wonderful Game I would love to help with the development. But If not I understand. Its still a cool game either way. I learned how to program love and lua from your tutorials.

  • David Serrano

    I have an OUYA I can help port if you like. I have experience and a growing portfolio if you would like to see.

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