Summer RPG

August 6, 2012 11:11 pm

Yay! I have made some good progress on Summer RPG, which is now to be called Summer Game. I shall describe a short, crappy version of what the game is about Or just look at the pictures.

You have a bow as a weapon, start out in a forest enviroment, and fight of waves of enemies.

All in that time collection money, and experience. With the money you can purchase Items at the shops in-between waves, and everntually, with enough, you can purchase the next environment

The main Items you will be purchasing at the shops are new arrows!, so far we have..

Normal Arrows (Just your basic arrow)

Penetration Arrows (Shoot through enemies(Can hit more than one enemy with one arrow))

and that’s it. There are going to be ten different arrows.

This was a long post. I know you didn’t read it all.

And I shall leave you with a screen shot from Summer Game!



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