The Ludum Dare

August 21, 2013 7:39 pm

Well, it’s that time again. Ludum Dare 27 is this weekend and we are entering!




We have attempted a total of 3 Ludum Dares, but only managed to complete one of them, and we ended up with a game that we are not too proud of.
But, this time we are prepared, and more experienced!


If you do not know what the Ludum Dare is, it’s a game jam that is hosted every 3 months. You are given 48 hours to make a game based around the theme that is revealed when the jam begins. Plenty of huge names have competed, and it’s just a great way to get your mind racing and full of new ideas and inspiration.


Check out there website here:

And hopefully I’ll have some time to post during the jam!

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